• Red Rocks Amphitheater

Assembly Projects

Red Rocks Amphitheater - Morrison, Colorado

This project included various upgrades and enhancements to the Amphitheater to improve safety and ADA accessibility, including the redesign of pathway lighting, a 3,500 square foot restroom/concession building and a 43,500 square foot visitor center. Complete design of the power and lighting system for the Visitor Center which houses kitchen and food preparation areas, dining/bar areas, conference rooms and museum/gallery spaces. We also provided the design of the phone and data system for the Visitor Center and overall facility infrastructure. Our design also included a full primary power distribution master plan and infrastructure design for the entire amphitheater facility.

Earlier projects at Red Rocks included: electrical engineering for the renovation and remodel of existing dressing rooms and backstage concession areas, plus the installation of new 60 foot speaker towers. We also worked on the Walkway Railing and Pathway Lighting project that included choosing lighting for the amphitheater adjacent to the boxes and at the south entry ramp.