• DIA Terminal Complex
  • DIA Terminal Complex

Airport and Aviation Projects

Terminal Complex - Landside Terminal Building

Denver International Airport & City & County of Denver
  • Feasibility and Sustainability Analysis
  • Lighting Design and Roadway Lighting
  • Site Lighting Photometric Submittals
  • Power Distribution Systems Design
  • Selective Protective Coordination Studies
  • Fire Alarm and Low Voltage Design

For this project we were responsible for the electrical engineering for the 7,000,000 square foot airport terminal building. The design phase of the project was compressed from a planned 18 months to essentially 12 months, which resulted in a very fast track project. We produced the documents with an effective staff of 10 people. In addition, to the normal electrical systems required for the large commercial building, the following unique systems were designed:

  • Dual electrical service to each of the thirty-one 3,000 amp services with automatic throw over
  • Central inverters in lieu of on-site power generation for emergency egress lighting
  • Raceway for airport wide security, fire alarm, and communication systems
  • Raceway for the flight and baggage information display system (FIDS/BIDS)
  • Unique lighting design requirements due to the architectural features