• DIA Terminal Canopy
  • DIA Roadway Improvements

Airport and Aviation Projects

Terminal Canopy and Roadway Improvements

Denver International Airport
  • Lighting Design and Roadway Lighting
  • Site Lighting Photometric Submittals
  • Power Distribution Systems Design
  • Fire Alarm and Low Voltage Design

This project was an expansion of the existing curbside located on levels 4, 5, and 6. It included expanding the level 5 curbside area, which completely closed in the level 4 parking structure, added a canopy structure over the rental car pick up area, and expanded the level 6 passenger drop off zone.
We were responsible for the lighting, power, fire alarm, and lightning protection design for this expansion.  The purpose of this expansion was to provide additional area that was protected from the weather for rental car companies to pick up passengers.  DIA requested that the design team have the canopy complement the existing construction of the airport.  Because of the innovative design, this project was selected as the Merit Award Winner in the 2005 American Institute of Steel Construction I.D.E.A.S. Award Program.