Lighting Design SERVICES

Electrical engineering is analytical and structured.  Lighting design is expressive and creative.  Because the two disciplines are so different, it is unusual to find a firm that handles both.  Our professional electrical engineering and lighting design staff possess the problem-solving skills and creative thinking required for both tasks.
As lighting designers we take the time to understand each space, and offer lighting solutions that will best fit the needs of the space both functionally as well as to enhance the architectural features.  Our staff has the ability to develop lighting schemes for each space from the very beginning or work with pre-established ideas and visions created by our clients.  We understand that lighting design is an iterative process, and that extensive coordination is required to give a space the look and feel that the client has envisioned as well as perform functionally.

Lighting Design Services We Offer:

  • Custom Luminaire Design
  • 3D Lighting Calculations using AGI 32 and Elum Tools
  • Roadway Lighting Design
  • Park and Landscape Lighting Design
  • Interior Lighting Design
  • Lighting Energy Analysis
  • Lighting Control Systems
    • Basic Systems for Individual Spaces
    • Complex Conference Room Controls
    • Entire Building Controls
  • Luminaire Selection and Schedules
  • Planning Submittals including Site Photometrics
  • Existing Space Analysis and Enhanced Lighting Design